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We at Finca la Floresta are proud to introduce to you our wide variety of specialty coffees directly from the mountains of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Our Premium Coffees represents around the world the values and traditions of our coffeegrowers, their families and our indigenous ancestors.
The Organic Coffee of the Sierra Nevada has become a benchmark of Colombian coffee for the world. For the natives of the Sierra, coffee allows to expand to different corners of the earth its philosophy of harmonious coexistence with nature and a chance to share their stories behind each cup.

This ancient land have given life to a whole wide variety of coffee beans; from arabic, caturra, tabi, castillo, all of them part of the exclusive 10% of the specialty grade coffee production world wide, with certified scores from 80 to 90 points.

Due to its coastal location, shade grown techniques and altitudes of 900- 1700 mts, the Single Origin Sierra Nevada coffee is a differentiated and origin product. It has a pronounced aroma, high body, good bean size, minimum acidity and ancestral growing. There is a single harvest per year, between October and December, which gives it a character of limited edition, taking into account that the rest of the country has two harvest seasons.

We believe that coffee is more than just a drink. Truly great coffee tells a story. A story of community, history, culture, climate, time and, above all, passion. Therefore our commitment is to respect and honor the stories of our people with a transparency model that connects coffee lovers directly to the coffee farmers of la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

With our Neighbours Crop Collaboration Project, coffee producers from Sierra Nevada Specialties receive a minimum of 30%, and some cases even 90%, more than the price offered by Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance, and they no longer need to rely on the New York Coffee Exchange.

We are committed to offer you great stories, high quality, the right selection and timely delivery. Let’s grab a coffee and share this experience together!

Buen café

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